Being like the sex pistols help your startup?

I have one crazy friend that recently told me that rock bands and startups have a lot in common. Especially punk rockers are like successful entrepreneurs… So does it help to be more of the rock man then a businessman to lead your company to success?
Let me make this clear – I’m not

telling you to be like a punk rocker by drinking vodka mixed with crack, urinating on the streets or shooting yourself in the head.It’s about finding inside of you that primal passion, authenticity and rage that you can then turn into positive energy of creation. Punk rockers record albums – we can write software.
So what can we learn from The Sex Pistols? I mean bad hairstyle is a given – you just don’t have time to visit barbershop anymore! Anything else?

Here we go – quick and dirty tips:
Punk Rock Marketing Tip: Go Against the Rules and polarize your audience
Punk Rock Product Tip: Be Authentic – don’t listen to your audience (customers) but observe what works and what’s not. 
Punk Rock Sales Tip: Don’t be afraid to be crappy. It’s all about showing that you can improve and that you improve your product almost on the daily basis.
Hmm… I think that this analogy kind of works. What do you think?