About Smartupz

Smartupz is a leading supplier of effective communication solutions in Poland and Central Europe.

The company It supplies an innovative platform which can be adjusted to individual client’s needs and to communicate with between customers, business partners and employees.

Smartupz also offers services in the area of analyses and streamline of business processes, internal and external communication, communication strategies preparation for brands and products.

Smartupz provides perfect customer‘s care at all cooperational stages.

The mission of Smartupz is to make communication more effective, because we consider it as a key to success in every aspect of life.

We appreciate passion, engagement, work – life balance and private life of our employees.

We respect each other, working environment as well as personal believes of all people cooperating with us

In 2009, two years after the launch of the first iPhone, it was clear that „be online“ stopped being incidental and started to be applicable for the increasing number of people.  Be online 24 hours per day in full meaning of words, with access to advanced applications, e-mail, www sites etc. meant to have an access to social networks – to be able to check what’s going on with our friends, to check if something appeared in interesting cases at any convenient time.

We asked 2 questions to ourselves:
How, in that reality, are employees‘ requirements to systems helping their work changing?
How, in that reality, are customers‘ requirements to customers‘ care changing ?

Setting up Smartupz in 2009 and starting work on Discourse at the same time was the answer to above questions.

While working on Discourse platform it became clear that if you want it to meet the expectatations, it should be integrated with external social networks, work as safe and private engaging social network for customers, business partners, employees and work on mobile and tablets.

Now Discourse is a social enterprise effective communication platform between employees, business partners and clients, linked to Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, available and recommended for both small and big companies.

In 2011 51% of shares were sold to Austria IT group – New Frontier Group, which invests in innovative IT companies in Central Europe.

The purpose of Smartupz is comprehensive updating of communication business model and increasing its effectivenes. That is why, in 2013  consulting services were added to Smartupz offer. Smartupz experts could help clients to build effective internal and external communication in company, between company and its clients as well as external environment.